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Who let this nerd in here?

Yoshi is one of the chatrealm regulars during NSFW and is from Fontana, California (a city SO BORING it could DIAF and nobody would ever notice). She has another name she was born under, but it was such a redonkulous joke relating to her birthday that she took another name for herself. When asked when her birthday is, she often claims she "stole it from Rachel Maddow, 11 years after the fact."

Yoshi is most infamous for her fan art, which usually gets passed around during the pre/after-show as they are usually unrelated to the contents of the current episode. She has a very weird imagination and sometimes comes up with plot bunnies that would make for hilarious drawings if she could remember to do them later (such as a TWIT remake of Weird Science starring Brian and JuRY).

Yoshi also claims to have seen JammerB's other forms: a Lakitu Bro and RaidenB.

Fun Facts

  • Unlike other ladies of Chatrealm, Yoshi does not hide behind objects, objects hide behind her.
  • Yoshi has a huge orange tabby cat who trolls her every freaking day. Even in bed.
  • Discovered NSFW the night the first episode aired, as she caught a replay of #1 when she couldn't sleep and was instantly amused by Brian's distinctive laughing.
  • Has only missed/slept through two first-runs of NSFW (#19 and #47).
    • During the latter, Yoshi dreamed that JuRY was yelling gibberish at her.
  • Wishes TWiT would adopt but Cuba as the official censor, complete with tiny cuban flag
  • is horribly addicted to Angry Birds.
  • Plays World of Warcraft but on Draenor-US (Alliance)/Khadgar-US (Horde) rather than Icecrown.
  • Yoshi made her first call-in during BBLiveShow Episode 53 to call out the street fingerpainter as being fake. Unfortunately, the chatrealm thought she was drunk, even though in reality she is cursed with a voice that often gets her mistaken for a prepubescent boy.

OMG Fan Art

Shwood-051310.jpg Shwood-051810.jpg Shwood-010311.jpg Shwood-010711.jpg Jammerb-053111.jpg Penny-090211.jpg Shwood100-103011.jpg Shwood100-121611.jpg Shwood-011712.jpg Shwood-020812.jpg Twit-071912.jpg Yoshi Drawing 150.jpg

Yoshi drew these (and some others, but those above get circulated the most). Apparently not only do Brian and JuRY approve, but even King Leo likes it, too. Yoshi permits Chatrealm to adobeshop the smoo out of them for things related to BBverse/TWiT, but please credit her for the original artwork. She can always use more Twitter followers.

Also, an (incomplete) video version of Brian and Justin as Beavis and Butthead...

Yoshi on the Giz Fizz

On January 19 2013, Yoshi called into the Giz Fizz, the weekly Saturday live not-show that the Giz Wiz and JammerB run right after the Tech Guy. This marks her official first appearance on camera and on a TWiT show (where her BBLiveShow call was audio-only and via Brian's personal stream).