Sam Schoo (episode)

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Sam Schoo
Number 46
Broadcast Date November 10, 2009
Episode Length 2:05:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Ryan Connolly with appearances by Darren Kitchen and Colleen Kelly

Sam Schoo was the 46th episode of BBLiveShow. Brian and Justin go through the entries for our third Internet Scavenger Hunt, decide on the TPIA shirt, and make two BIG announcements.


The show starts with an auto-tune of Cosmos by Carl Sagan and an NBC intro.

Brian shows of his new studio upgrades.

Justin explains the episode will be a "scavenger hunt" to look for "one singular photo that defines an awkward celebrity moment." Brian plays an animation of an exploding pirate map, which becomes one fourth of the Quad Laser. Awkward photos of web celebrities get to the front of the line, especially friend's of the show.

TPIA is discussed and shirt ideas are shown off.

Scavenger Hunt


tehWKD: Kevin Rose meeting with Bill Gates.

TSSaloic: Random article about Shawne Merriman not facing charges in incident involving Tila Tequila.

"Kevin&Lala": Kevin Rose with Lala from TikiBarTV.

Giggleloop: Awkward Hugh Grant with fan.

lolleo: Leo Laporte attempting to get a straw in his mouth.

"Hogan's Biggest Fan": James Blunt is very excited to meet Hulk Hogan.

Giggleloop: Andy Dick, hugging a fan after a 3 day bender trying to pull down boys underpants.

lonelydotgeek: Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback mugging for the camera with a gun.

"Stoned Dan Trachtenberg and Jeff Cannata": Totally Rad Show's Dan Trachtenberg and Jeff Cannata posing for a picture with a fan.

Giggleloop: Actor Jim Beaver hugging a fan.

"TRS Fan Boys": Entire Totally Rad Show cast, Jeff dressed as Han Solo, Alex dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Dan as George Lucas with a fan.

cynicalbrit: Same submission of Kevin Rose and Bill Gates as before.

Giggleloop: Kevin Rose buying a new iPhone like a proud Apple fanboy.

Unknown Submission: Same submission of Kevin Rose and Bill Gates as before again.

Unknown Submission: Jeff Cannata in a shower with four other people.

Unknown Submission: Kevin Rose holding fake coconuts on Julia Allison's breasts.

Unknown Submission: Justin and Timmy Allen from Film Riot posing during episode 38 of the BBLiveShow.

Unknown Submission: David Prager trying to life Brian during Scam School episode 6 while Jonathan Pritchard looks on.

Unknown Submission: Roger Chang posing for a picture with a fan.

Unknown Submission: Screengrab of Brian during an episode of BBOTR.

Unknown Submission: Jeff Cannata at an outdoor event with food in his hand.

Unknown Submission: Andrew Bancroft with Lady Sovereign.

Unknown Submission: Revision3's Camilla Stenmark and a very blurry Roger Chang.

Unknown Submission: Jeff Cannata hands clenched together at his mouth.

Unknown Submission: Barbara Walters making a funny face.

Unknown Submission: Chase Chase hugging Hilary Duff.

Bonnie Brushwood: Jack Black posing with DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba!

Unknown Submission: Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht at a party.

Unknown Submission: Justine Ezarik and Karen Nguyen from iJustine on a boat.

Unknown Submission: Tom Merritt posing with a fan.

Unknown Submission: Some female celebrity with large flowers and possibly a broken heel.

Unknown Submission: Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose looking hung over.

Unknown Submission: David Prager with a voluptuous woman, who may or may not be Candice Michelle.

Colleen Kelly: Leo Laporte with a young fan stealing his seat.

Unknown Submission: David Prager on a cellphone with Sarah Lane.

Unknown Submission: Totally Rad Show's Mike Gaines looking completely wasted.

Unknown Submission: Brian cheesing it with a fan.

LonelyDotGeek: Jim Louderback hocking Cheats, Cons, Swindles, and Tricks while holding Brian's fire breathing fuel.

Unknown Submission: Hulk Hogan posing with Jonathan Bayme from Theory 11.

Unknown Submission: Leo Laporte with busty Soccer Girl.

Too Late to Count:

""Alex Albrecht": Alex Albrecht dipping a woman.

Unknown Submission: Seth Meyers and Tig Notaro hugging.

Unknown Submission: Patrick Delahanty with Tory Belleci and Kari Byron from Mythbusters.

Unknown Submission: Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks from the set of Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

Unknown Submission: Ron Richards from iFanboy.Com with the ghost card.

Unknown Submission: Naked Timmy and Josh from Film Riot.

Unknown Submission: Martin Sargent with fan Justin mistakes for Roger Chang.

Unknown Submission: Brian holding a gun up to his lips with a spooked girl in the background "at Q's house."

Unknown Submission: Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose sitting in front of Rachel Maddow in MSNBC's studio as she gives them bunny ears.

Unknown Submission: Tom Cruise getting shot with a flower.

Unknown Submission: Brian shrugging.

Unknown Submission: Bearded Trekkie.

Unknown Submission: Excited Brian.

Unknown Submission: Martin Sargent with an old bearded man.

Unknown Submission: Alex Albrecht touching the leg of Kevin Rose on the set of DiggNation.

Unknown Submission: Tom Merritt with a very excited person.

Unknown Submission: Jim Louderback being interviewed by Leo Laporte.

Unknown Submission: Revision3 intern Kelly Preston.

Unknown Submission: Patrick Norton at a convention making an odd face.

"wrong link": David Lynch with panties in his mouth.

"JRY": Justin with an Ironman mask on his head playing with a T-Rex.

"Kevin Rose and Nick Douglas": Alex Albrecht making funny face with Kevin Rose in background.

Unknown Submission: UStream's Brad Hunstable with the Geico caveman.

Unknown Submission: Unknown individual with a baby.

Unknown Submission: Justin on New Year's with his friends "Amber and Justin Stoudemire."

Unknown Submission: Unidentified

Unknown Submission: Bound woman surrounded by troll dolls.

Unknown Submission: The first picture of Kevin Rose, but with a bad "Adobeshop" of Brian and Justin added in.

Unknown Submission: Adam Goldberg walking with a bag from RiteAid.

Unknown Submission: OhDoctah shooting a gun with the caption "The DOCTAH will see you now."

Unknown Submission: Engadget's Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont at a press event.

Unknown Submission: An old man with a baby about to feed from his breastfeeding contraption.

Unknown Submission: Veronica Belmont interviews Leeroy Jenkins.

Unknown Submission: Jim Cramer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Unknown Submission: Old man in leather shorts washing a motorized trike.

Winner: Roger Chang and Camilla Stenmark!

Other Moments

Scam School is nominated for a Podcast Award up against Film Riot and others. The presenter completely destroys the title of the show. Brian requests a 10 Commandments of Podcast Awards voting.

The Invisible Wife peeks out from behind the new glass backdrop and Justin calls her on it at 53:32.

Justin reveals him and Brian may know someone that knows Soccer Girl "biblically."

Justin announces his new record with Brett Rounsaville entitled "T.P.I.A.: This is Redonkules!" featuring the single, "Open Your Mouth."

Ryan Connolly calls in to refute the charges made against him by Justin.


Justin does Rapid Fire.

Brian talks about an argument over aliens they had on episode 3 of The Weird Things Podcast.

Brian says that Travis doesn't like the new studio look, because it looks like he's on FoxNews and asks the chatroom for their opinions.

Justin says that he "cannot neither confirm nor deny, as they're saying in the chat room, that we have struck a deal with a media company to bring BBLiveShow to there. So, we are not going to FoxNews."

Brian shows off his special effects masterpiece to Ryan.

Justin reveals how Ryan got the racist tag.

They talk about "V."

Petefic calls in and says they didn't show all the t-shirt submissions.

CALLER("Mac"): Friend of Brian that didn't know Brian had a live show. He also doesn't like the background.

TPIA shirts reviewed. Brian tries to end the show.

Darren Kitchen calls in and asks why The Racist hasn't been on Scam School.

Colleen Kelly calls in to show off her Snuggie and leaves because Ryan is racist.

Justin reads in the chat room that "The Blurred Wife" says the only reason Ryan won't be on Scam School is because he heard Brian has an Asian grandmother.

Bonnie asks why anyone would want to come on "Sam Schoo"?

Dodd Vickers calls in and says he sent in an awkward early publicity shot for Film Riot, that had three klansmen and the Film Riot logo behind them.

They discuss Film Riot's busy "Bloodtober."

Brian reveals his Halloween costume from a few years ago and pictures sent in by Bonnie of him on the set of a Jason Murphy's Western short film, first discussed on episode 21. Brian discusses and shows the picture of his stitches that he received when the real knife and prop knife were mixed up, and the awkward walk back to safety.

Justin shows a picture of Donald Glover from Community calling Ryan a racist again and mentions that he stared in this "National Spelling Bee" video from Derrick Comedy.

Justin awkwardly mistakes a young boy for Colleen Kelly and hilarity ensues.

CALLER (Zach): The Latin word for left-handed was "sinister."

Ryan types really loudly and is played off by Keyboard Cat.

New Champions! Woo!

  • First widescreen episode.
  • First episode to use the "TPIA" robotic voice on Justin's soundboard.

Fun Facts

  • Last episode before NSFW began.
  • No mention is made of NSFW.

Great Quotes

Justin: "You can't take the AIDS out of Philadelphia." Host: "Sam Schoo"

Justin: While telling people who to vote for The Podcast Awards "...which of course will be Scam School and and certainly not Film Riot since Ryan Connolly has yet to answer rumors that he raped and killed a young girl in 1990."

Ryan Connolly: "I don't think I either raped nor killed anyone...that was a girl at least."

Justin: "Rick Foster in the chat room, says show the racist our new shirts!"


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