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Avarant (aka Mike) is a loudmouthed, sarcastic, member of chatrealm.

He started out in California, but then teleported mysteriously to the East coast in NYC. He can be seen on an episode of Scam School with Brian where he's generally awkward and does nothing. He carries a blank deck of cards for <> members to create their own card to add to it. The only stipulation is that the <> member has to meet Mike in person (with the notable exceptions of t2t2, ESpen, Penelope and Josie). He is a member of Chatcraft and helped bring the director's cut of Hook into the zeitgeist.

The Deck

Currently, the deck consists of cards from (in chronological order):

Fun Facts

  • He likes Kuhan-covered poop. Alot.
  • Within minutes of the creation of the page, Avarant "Took the Belt" by having a large expletive put up main frame on the TWiT live feed.
  • He can be seen in the <> DragonCon picture as the main screen in the google hangout on the computer.