Live From Dragon*Con

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Live From Dragon*Con
Number 40
Broadcast Date September 4, 2011
Episode Length 39:42
Hosts Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood, Veronica Belmont, Justin Robert Young

How movies get technology wrong, how George Lucas has lost his trust, and more. (Warning: Audio is over-modulated.)


Opening Video

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

Following the open video, the audience got to pick The Big Story...

The Big Story

Tom, Brian, Veronica, and Justin discuss how movies get technology wrong and when can you no longer maintain your suspension of disbelief.

Members of the audience then suggested other ways movies get technology wrong.


Go to and use code framerate9 to create

Film Falm

George Lucas has made changes to Star Wars. "Noooooo!" Brian leads a discussion of the latest changes to the franchise.


Justin, as a robot, reads viewer mail about re-imaginings.

Great Quotes

  • "Anybody else wanna go green?" -Captain Planet
  • "And actually, this is, I think kinda the point where we go separately is that with Batman Begins, I first thought it was a comic book movie when there was Batman in it." -Justin
  • "So you're saying the part where the orphan billionaire is learning how to fight from ninjas... You're like, 'Well this completely works!'" -Justin
  • "That is awesome and in every way not what we want." -Brian
  • "I can't get two computers in my own house to network and they're both on the same goddamn OS!" -Brian
  • "Noooooo!" -Darth Vader
  • "Nevermind. Why am I trying to have a serious conversation?" -Veronica

Fun Facts

  • This is episode #40. NSFW episode #40 was from Dragon*Con last year.
  • Jason Howell does the opening sponsor read since none was recorded at Dragon*Con.
  • The panel got started late due to technical issues with the LiveU. There were two Dragon*Con cameras in the room, but all attempts to get that feed into the LiveU (via two converters) were unsuccessful. In the end, Patrick Delahanty set up the TWiT camera which had been used the previous day for Tech News Today (and would be used later for NSFW's Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon 2: Double Complete Dragon) and fed that direct into the LiveU.
  • Dragon*Con tech staff offered to give Tom their UStream recording, but it's a good thing the TWiT camera was set up because after the panel the D*C tech crew said they lost connection to UStream several times.
  • No local recording of the broadcast was made because the "memory card" that Tom put in the camera turned out to be an adapter.
  • Patrick Delahanty ran the camera and communicated with JammerB at the TWiT Brickhouse while Zak Holder monitored the LiveU.
  • The audio levels were over-modulated since that's what Dragon*Con was giving out of their board. Zak and Patrick tried to get them to fix it to no avail. Considering the technical issues, we're lucky to have a recording of the episode at all.
  • At 7:20, there's a cut. The LiveU server stopped, so the LiveU backpack disconnected. After JammerB restarted the server, the LiveU backpack was able to reconnect. Several minutes of the panel were lost, but if you didn't notice the cut in the video, you'd probably never notice.
  • At 10:27 in the video, you can see Justin start to get instructions from off-camera. JammerB had called Patrick to tell him, "Justin is too loud." (Of course.) Using charades and mime, Patrick and Zak tried to communicate that to Justin.
  • At 16:23, an audience member says "shit" and it's not censored.



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