Max Trollbot

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Max Trollbot
First Appearance David Jaffe
Portrayed By Justin Robert Young

Max Trollbot is Game On!'s official sentient robot. He is programmed by the worst elements of the Internet. His sensors are made of YouTube comments, and he displays signs of misogyny.




Mixed Reception

Max debuted on Game On!'s first episode and was met with staunchly opposed viewer reception. Many of Max's supporters were prominent members of Chatrealm. After criticism of the segment coalesced in the episode feedback post on Reddit, Max's appearance was moved from the second segment of the show to the end of the episode. Support rallied behind Max as time went on, although it was mutually agreed that he should only be given limited exposure (even if just for his naturally conflicting disposition). It was not until Game On!'s penultimate episode that Max returned to the program, showing up briefly in a few segments. This instance was the object of much rejoice.

Fun Facts

  • Max is about the same height as Jon Tilton.
  • Max's head, body, arms, and claws remained in the TWiT Brickhouse until shortly before it closed. His head was on top of the bookshelf in Leo's office for most of 2014 through the closure of 2016.