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Number 106
Broadcast Date December 13, 2011
Episode Length 1:12:36
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Veronica Belmont, Planet Rump

This week Veronica is here to explain a video to the audio listeners and then they set the internet on fire in order to bring justice to Tom Merritt and TNT


Opening Video

Obi Wan Steps on a Lego

Setting the Internet on Fire

Recently there has a big hubbub surrounding the Universal Music Group and Megaupload, which of course was covered on Tech News Today. Because they played a clip of the Megaupload song on Tech News Today, Universal Music Group took down that episode of Tech News Today on YouTube. Ira_Sockman, the only TWiT legal counsel, was monitoring the show.

So, NACA2011 style, the Chatrealm is going on a rampage on twitter protesting the take-down of TNT episode 391. Somebody even made a Squarespace site for it.

Use the hashtag #FreeTNT and you can use this post by Tom to tell people what is going on.

By the time the music guest was performing, #FREETNT was trending on Twitter in the US.


Go to and use the offer code "NSFW11" for a 14-day free trial.

What is Veronica Watching?

Brian is going to play a video that is all visual and very confusing to the audio listeners and it is Veronica's job to explain what is happening to the Blindies.

Watch the video, if you dare.


Go to to learn more.

Summer Music Series

Planet Rump is here to perform for us! You can go to to get their single "Daydreams". They also have a Kickstarter going to help them create their new album. However you can get their first album on iTunes.

Belt Winner

  • Veronica (show)
  • Justin (aftershow)

Great Quotes

  • "I saw a penis." -Veronica

Fun Facts

  • When Brian mentions that he does not have "bilateral symmetry", he is referring to the fact that he had admitted to having a partially unraveled testicle in a previous episode.
  • TWiT titled this episode "Free TNT".


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