The Legend of the Violet Wand

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The Legend of the Violet Wand
Number 94
Broadcast Date September 20, 2011
Episode Length 1:22:28
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Chris Comiskey, Logan Decker, Tyler Wilde, MC Lars

MC Lars is here to perform, then the masters of PC Gamer are here to be put through the video game gauntlet and then the Chatrealm competes in a game of Don't Get Brody'd.


Opening Video

A kid lights his pants on fire.

NSFW T-shirts

Due to the large demand from Chatrealm, they decided to sell some extra Dragon*Con shirts. You can buy them at, but guess what, you're too late because they all sold out during the show.

Summer Music Series

MC Lars was backstage at a show in Denver, but made time to perform from his green room.

Find out more about him at

Don't Get Brody'd

Audience members must call in to tell a story to the hosts. The second that the hosts get bored, the caller gets Brody'd.

  • Leonimuz - Brody'd
  • Vincent404 - He was at a concert and met some of the band members, He got invited to the afterparty, and had the drummer ride in the trunk of his car and when the drummer got out, he was naked. --Brody'd 1:02
  • Kuhan - His drunk Asian friend threw up all over the residence hall, so he took his Asian friend back to his dorm room and his roommate was having sex with a dude. --Brody'd 1:39
  • Archaellys - He was in the Bay Area to watch Brian film Scam School when they heard gun shots. --Brody'd 1 minute
  • Nyan Cat (Might in fact be a cheeto) - He was walking in the meadow and he found a squirrel that started eating him. Suddenly a girl named Ryan riding on a cow came and saved him. --Perfect Story


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Video Game Sounds

Brian will play video game sounds and the PC Gamer guys have to guess what the sounds came from.

Correct answers:

  1. Chris- Codec sound from Metal Gear Solid
  2. Logan- Half-Life 2 Headcrab Zombie
  3. NOBODY- Laughing dog from Duck Hunt
  4. Chris- Minecraft zombie
  5. NOBODY- Samus drowning in Metroid
  6. NOBODY- Impossible Mission
  7. Chris- Heavy eating a sandvich from Team Fortress 2
  8. NOBODY- Stage Clear from Mega Man 8
  9. Chris- Super Mario Bros. game over

Chris wins 75,000,000,000,003 - 1 - 0


Netflix: They stream movies AND THAT'S IT!

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PC Gamer Podcast Simulator

Brian and Justin will tell them the name of a fake upcoming PC game and they each have to explain what they are looking forward to about it. The person who explains it the best will be declared the winner

  • Chris- "Rage's Paycheck" - Chris was confused, nervous, and scared, so he choked.
  • Tyler- "Chinese People Take Over America 2: We're All Speaking Chinese"- It has Real-time Chinese speaking. It has hotkeys for turning people Chinese. Russian developer. Free-to-play.
  • Logan- "Square-dance Baron" - It's an open world filed with square people who dance to communicate with people. Then a triangle comes into the situation and you have to figure out how to interact.

Tie Breaker

1. "Existentialist 4: Reality Becomes Metaphor"

  • Tyler- He basically repeated the title.
  • Logan- It was so good that if he had to dig it out of his intestines with a knife, he would do so in a second.
    • Point goes to Logan

2. "Buck Rogers: 25th Century Man"

  • Logan- It was originally called "Butt Rogers" and you are just bringing a little diversity to space.
  • Tyler- The game is terrible and everyone else is stupid for liking it.
    • Point goes to Tyler

3. "Chinese People Take Over America 3: They're Really Good at Math"

  • Tyler- It's not as good as "Chinese People Take Over America 2"
  • Logan- "It's a numbers game, you'll feel no shame."
    • Logan WINS!

New Champion! Woo!

Nyan Cat, Chris, and Logan

Great Quotes

"It'll be a group wanding" - Chris Comiskey
BBBBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZ "That's the sound it makes when you are in pain." - Logan Decker
"You don't even belong in the end of the human centipede." - Logan Decker
"You're like F1. BOOM! All of Chicago is Chinese." - Tyler Wilde

Fun Facts

  • The "shocking" device that the PC Gamer crew was using during the show was the violet wand.


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