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Brett Rounsaville (aka Amtrekker) is a professional nomad and vagrant. He is best known for his travels across the United States as he completed his goal of accomplishing everything on his list of fifty things he wanted to do someday. He has since given up his hobo days in favor of a career playing games at The Go Game.

Brett lives in California with his dog, Arizona (or "Zona"), and @katymoe.

Brett has been one of the hosts of BBLiveShow in most of the episodes. He routinely connects from his seat in the Scam Copter and is sometimes taken over by Robotrekker. When he's not on BBLiveShow or NSFW, he is most likely pimping.

The Rounsaville Scale is named after Brett. As of March 2010, he measured in at .8 Rounsavilles.

Notable Appearances


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Fun Facts

Amtrekker can be found in Moonbrook in World of Warcraft