A Giant Bang

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A Giant Bang
Number 200
Broadcast Date October 15, 2013
Episode Length 1:25:51
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Bonnie Brushwood

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! WE DID IT! 200 EPISODES. Brian, Justin and (for a little while) Bonnie look back at their first 200 episodes.

NSFW 200.png


Opening Video

DayMan….. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Holy Crap Man… 200 Episodes

Who knew that they would make it 200 episodes? Brian and Justin look back at some memorable moments from their first 200 episodes, however they spend a long time watching watching Episode 1.

Other talking points:


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The Worst Frame of NSFW

Over the course of 200 episodes, there have been about 25 million frames of NSFW and it was the Chatrealm's duty to find the weirdest or most awkward screencap from the show.

See all the screencaps here.



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200th Episode Tribute

This video was put together by Weirdami. It's amazing. Watch it

Takin' Calls

Since they have nothing else planned, they decided to take some calls for the rest of the episode.

  • Ryan Alcott
  • Tess - She got a date from the time she called in to the show and it was horrible.
  • JC - His favorite thing from NSFW was when he helped write The Diamond Club. He wrote "Cupcake Tryst"
  • Ryan
  • Brandon
  • Bill Meeks - His favorite thing was the Zombie President episode.
  • Dave - His favorite moment was when Chatrealm came together for Yoshi.
  • ZombieJesus
  • Kuhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - He vanished from the Chatrealm because he's too busy gettin laid.
  • Cheeto
  • Ev
  • Taylor
  • Jeremy
  • Matt
  • Justin
  • Paul
  • Brandt Hughes
  • Justin - "Ohh, shit"
  • Benjamin
  • Becky akaGiggleloop
  • Cattlehumper
  • The Swagger
  • Ryan


In the aftershow, Brian and Justin broke down the music video for the song "City of Crime" featuring Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd from the movie "Dragnet".

Belt Winner

  • Justin from the Chatrealm

Great Quotes

  • "Ya know what happened in 1994? Kurt Cobain killed himself." -Justin

Fun Facts

  • In this episode, Brian and Justin STRONGLY hinted that Joke and Biagio had a new project in the works.





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