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The Chatrealm Podcast Awards were made in response to the complete shitshow known as the Podcast Awards. Members of Chatrealm suggested categories and then nominated shows or people for those categories. In late January of 2013, voting closed and winners were announced.

2012 Awards

  • The Poop...en Belt award for Best Worst Podcast
  • The who? award for Best Podcast We've Never Heard Of
    • It Needs More Desu (30.4762%)
    • The Infinite Loop Show (24.4444%)
    • The Art Of Wrestling Podcast (20.9524%)
    • Bridge to the Future (12.6984%)
    • International Waters (11.4286%)
  • The Empty CluBBhouse award for Best Podcast Nobody Listens To
  • The 2nd Chance award for Best Cancelled Podcast
  • The Stop It! Stop it right now! award for Podcast That Should Have Been Cancelled Last April
    • The Adam Carolla Show (25.1397%)
    • Security Now with episodes longer than 60 minutes (24.581%)
    • CollectionDX (18.7151%)
    • Game On! (17.0391%)
    • The Grandma's Virginity Podcast (14.5251%)
  • The Chris Ronin award for Best Podcast Hosted By An Atheist Squirrel Juggler Based In South America
    • Weird Things (51.7045%)
    • Nerdist Podcast (20.1705%)
    • Penn's Sunday School (11.9318%)
    • Geologic Podcast (9.375%)
    • The South American Football Show (6.8182%)
  • The Reverse NSFW award for Best Video Podcast That Would Be Better With Audio-only
    • Web Shows (28.9809%)
    • The Morning Stream (28.0255%)
    • Indie Love Live Show (18.7898%)
    • Kevin Pollak's Chat Show (18.4713%)
    • This is Only a Test (5.7325%)
  • The Dude, What's Up With This award for Best Podcast That Needs To Get Their S*** In Gear Because They're Awesome And We Want More.
    • DIAF (51.8033%)
    • Chaos Buffering (21.6393%)
    • Hypothetical Help (17.377%)
    • The Dana Gould Hour (6.5574%)
    • International Waters (2.623%)
  • The College Promotion Tour award for Best Brian Brushwood Guest Appearance
    • My So Called 8bit Life - The Macgyver Plunger (29.3548%)
    • Film Riot, "Skydiving with Visual Effects!" (25.4839%)
    • FSL Tonight Champs: Wood you believe it? (17.7419%)
    • The Slate (13.871%)
    • Happy Hour - New Super Mario Brothers U (13.5484%)
  • The Follow the Clues, Gumshoes! award for Best Justin Robert Young Guest Appearance
  • The Inception award for Best "Best Of 2012" awards show
    • The 2012 Chatrealm Podcast Awards (60.1626%)
    • My So Called 8bit Life - The Mondo Best of 2012 (20.3252%)
    • AnimeCons TV - 2012 Year in Review (14.6341%)
    • The Adam Carolla Show - The 2012 ACE Awards (4.4715%)
    • Dave Damashek Football Program - The Sheky Awards (0.4065%)
  • The Fix Your Timeslot award for Best Live Show Done Thursdays at 7pm Pacific Time
    • OMGcraft (62.3431%)
    • Drunk Kids Gaming (32.636%)
    • The Initiative Check! (5.0209%)

Roberto Villegas hosted the awards with Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ in a livestream which was later posted to YouTube. During the broadcast, Roberto was a complete dick to Patrick Delahanty and a less-than-gracious winner. (One joke and some light ribbing is one thing, but constant mockery is just plain rude.) In response, Patrick left these passive-aggressive comments on BBpedia.